Kinigi – Musanze

Kinigi village ​found in the Musanze district is now famous for mountain gorilla tours in Rwanda​. Rwanda’s gateway to the Volcanoes National Park is just a few kilometers from the Congolese border. ​Kinigi village lies at an altitude of 2,200 meters at Volcanoes National Park border area and features as the main sector in Musanze​ ​with five villages and 28 sub-villages, on a total surface area of about 81.04 square kilometers representing about 15.3% of the overall Musanze ​district surface area. The local residents of this village depend on subsistence farming and Irish potatoes are largely cultivated around the area.

A​n​ ​incredible ​Kinigi ​village​, a remarkable center​ ​​gorilla​experience and cultural encounter ​around Volcanoes National Park. The village features​ a perfect place for visitors to experience the authentic local cultural highlights of the Rwandan residents, especially their history and culture and offers an opportunity for visitors to explore in-depth how they and their traditional lifestyles affect the modern ways of the people. Kinigi village displays the natural link of community socio-economic way of life and nature appeal to mankind.​ Take on an Iby’Iwacu community experience to witness this amazing traditional lifestyle of the local people living around the park.