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Snake Hunting

Most people consider snakes as enemies; yes they might be enemies especially if provoked but they are peaceful creatures when not provoked and their study reveals a lot interesting stories about them. Snakes are among reptiles with following characteristics;

  • Have developed pulmonary (use of lungs) respiration.
  • Have dry dermal scales.
  • Lay hard – shelled, calcium carbonate eggs.
  • Have internal fertilization.
  • Have single occipital condyle.
  • Have two sacral vertebrae.

Some of the ecological importance of snakes is that, snake venom is used to make snake bite medicine, some snakes like the mole snake reduces human – pest i.e. small mammals like rodents which otherwise would destroy crops.
Rwanda has different species of snakes for instance the African rock python, puff adders, African egg eaters, five different species of cobras e.g. the Egyptian cobra, forest cobra, spitting cobra, Black necked spitting cobra and the red spitting cobra, vipers, mambas e.g. the black and green mambas, African boom slang, forest twig snake, blind snakes, worm or threadlike/bootlace snakes to mention but a few.

Snakes have one common unique feature that, bones of the lower jaws are loosely connected which facilitates them to swallow things bigger than their size and the skin along the angle of the mouth and cheek region is specially modified for expansion.