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Day 1: Arrival
Arrival in Kigali – welcome by your tour guide – check-in at hotel – optional afternoon activities (depending on time of arrival) – overnight at Bloom Hotel.

Day 2: Kigali city tour, Genocide Sites and the Reconciliation Village in Bugesera:
Kigali city tour – also visiting Gisozi Memorial Site and wind up the day by visiting more genocide me-morial sites and the reconciliation village in Bugesera. Overnight at Bloom hotel.

Day 3: Pastoralist Heritage & Imigongo tour: The tour takes you to the pastoralist village where you observe and participate in the tradition cattle grazing; get ready to make your own traditional rain coat from grass, learn how to milk with your own hands and no machines here. After milking, the pastoralist will show you different calabashes used in preserving milk and qualification it take to make one; this goes in line with norms of handling calabashes, drinking milk etc. Milk is used in different ways for ex-ample taken fresh after milking, fermented to make yoghurt in a traditional way and the unforgettable experience of making ghee which ends with cooking local food with you own ghee and eating your own ghee.
The Tour will be combined with;

IMIGONGO TOUR: The tour introduces our visitors to the unique modeling and paintings called IM-IGONGO literally meaning backs or back in singular; developed by the Rwandese society long time ago around 1500years by Prince Kakira the son of King KIMENYI of
Gisaka kingdom part of the great Rwandan kingdom in current eastern province. Kakira invented the idea of embellishing and making more attractive art designs for decorations in the houses. Overnight at Umbrella Guest house.

Day 4: Ethno Botany Tours:
Acquire traditional skills and methods used in identifying diseases and the traditional remedies. Go into the field with traditional healers and learn on how the seeds, leaves, barks, roots and fruits can be used to cure a number of diseases by mixing or not mixing them. Insects, lianas, lichens etc all play a signifi-cant role. Afternoon; visit to a local home where local women share their experiences in making tradi-tional dishes. Home stay or overnight at Muhabura hotel.

Day 5: Transfer to Gisenyi – visit the fishing village, Gisenyi town, solidifiedlave from Nyiragongo Mountain that erupted in 2002 and finally the hot springs. Relax at the beach. Overnight at Parades Marahibi hotel.

Day 6: Banana and Sorghum beer production
Banana and sorghum are some of our staple Food products in Rwanda and they are used in different ways i.e.as food, local beer/drinks and very im-portant in the cultural practices most especially during our traditional weddings ceremonies, settling of disputes between community members, bonding relationship between different families etc. Rwanda has more than four different species of banana plants and each species of banana plant has got unique uses and values; practically, the visitors will learn and understand while in the field. Sorghum production is quite complicated but made simple to experience and really a thrilling experience.
Overnight at Kinigi Guest House.

Day 7: Gorilla trekking: Have an early breakfast and get gorilla briefings at ORTPN offices in Kinigi before driving to the trekking point. Drive back to Kigali after trekking and overnight at Bloom hotel.

Day 8: Transfer to Butare – visit the Basilica of Kabgayi, the ancient King’s palace at Nyanza, National Museum and Butare “the intellectual town of Rwanda”. Drive back to Kigali and overnight at Bloom hotel. En-route do some souvenir shopping.

Day 9: Transfer to the airport and depart

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